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Generations United, Inc.

Donation Goal For This Project is $40,000
57% Donated/$17,000 To Go


Generations United, Inc. sponsors a reading program for under-resourced students in Redwood City.  We read 1 hour a week, 1-on-1, utilizing donated books that are leveled in accordance with Redwood City School District standards.  We also offer ESL for parents 1 night a week and a 6-week summer program for 200 children in conjunction with Redwood City Parks and Recreation department.

Volunteer Role

Reading with children 1 on 1, teaching ESL to parents, evening tutoring and workshops for parents and children. There are also smaller affinity group opportunities to develop relationships with families in North Fair Oaks.

Students or People Served

Parents and children

Volunteer Times

We work with volunteers based on their availability.  There are opportunities during school hours, after school and evening options. We have an extensive summer program which runs from 10am-4pm for six weeks in the summer.

Program Services

John Gill School and Fair Oaks Elementary, both in Redwood City; some off-site locations for special programs (ie: dance)

Volunteer Commitment

Volunteers are needed during the school year and during the summer.

Volunteer Requirements

High school students and Adults. Children may participate when accompanied by a parent during the summer program.  A TB test and LiveScan fingerprints are required for all adults; those under the age of 18 do hot have to submit these.



(June 22nd-July 31st)

99% of children in some east Redwood City schools are on the free-reduced lunch program, living below the poverty level. Many live in over-crowded homes shared by multiple families.  We desire to support these students by reading with them weekly. The commitment is only 1 hour a week and can be an ideal place to invest in the future of children and families in our community who are under-resourced and in need of developing relationships with neighbors in our city who care.

Spanish speaking volunteers are welcome to engage at any level with the families we serve.  Ideally, we are looking for individuals who will engage in multi-cultural relationships to foster community engagement and empowerment.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Angie Ibarra

Contact Title: Executive Director

Contact Email: angie@generations-united.com

Contact Phone: 650.619.1300