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Familias Unidas


Families United through Literacy and Learning promotes the progress of our community by teaching parents how to help and support their children achieve academic success.  Through a 10-week long evening training course developed by Secundino Zuno and Ninfa Zuno, this 2-level program fosters academic excellence in students’ households and in the classroom by integrating families within their homes and into the educational system. Each week the families are given the opportunity to learn and work together on projects in a nurturing environment. During the workshop, parents learn that they have an important role in the academic success of their children. Involvement in their children’s education enhances the development process of a bright mind and engages the children and parents in multi-level intelligence experiences, while the importance of constant communication between the child’s teacher and parent is stressed. Families are taught reading strategies for fiction and nonfiction materials, math and technology and are provided with the necessary tools to get involved in their children’s education.

Volunteer Role

Assist families with reading and math projects

Assist families during the technology classes

Read with families

Students or People Served

Students and parents of children PK-5th grade and all family members that live with the students including aunts, uncles and grandparents. This is a family course and families are encouraged to work together as a family.

Volunteer Times

Volunteers are needed in the evenings 5:30-8:00 PM once a week. The day of the week depends on the school where the classes are held.

Program Services

We hold classes at Hoover Community School, Taft Elementary and Hawes Elementary in Redwood City.

Volunteer Commitment

We ask that volunteers attend each session for 10 weeks, including make-up classes and graduation.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers of high school age (we encourage teenagers) and older. Volunteers must be be fingerprinted.


Are you interested in helping families that have a desire to help their children succeed? Volunteer with Families United through Literacy and Learning. You will have the opportunity to assist the families in reading and completing projects. This volunteer position requires little training, but you will learn or further develop many skills. By helping these families, you will be able to teach your skills to others while making a difference in someone’s life.

Spanish speakers are needed!
The families that participate in Familias Unidas usually speak Spanish as their primary language. The class is taught mostly in Spanish and Spanish speaking volunteers would be extremely helpful. They would be explaining the projects and stories and helping them complete the projects. To complete the projects, they may need to review the story which is bilingual, but would most likely be more comfortable reading and understanding in Spanish.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Ninfa Zuno

Contact Title: CEO

Contact Email: familiasunidasenlectura@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 650-269-7067