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About Us

The Peninsula Literacy Coalition is a grassroots movement to help local schools attain their literacy goals. We operate under the guiding principal that district-wide success comes from the collective impact of full community engagement—educators, healthcare groups, public service orgs, businesses, faith communities and other sectors—all pressing toward a common goal. Our coalition is not a creator of programs, but a rallying point to channel volunteer and support resources into programs that already have a proven track record of impact and success.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to see every child in our community succeed at reading. We accomplish this by engaging the community, championing the work of educators and literacy providers and promoting the use of best practices.  We believe that by working in collaboration, we can have a greater impact and provide every child an opportunity to become a proficient reader.


We value literacy and believe it is the cornerstone of lifelong success and impacts one’s quality of life.

We value children and believe every child should have the opportunity to become a successful reader.

We value early intervention and believe it provides the greatest impact for long term success.

We value the efforts of parents, educators and literacy providers and believe that collaboration is essential.

We value our community and believe that helping a child to learn to read benefits the entire community.


Our vision is to see every child in our community become a proficient reader by the end of third grade.

The Peninsula Literacy Coalition is a grassroots movement committed to helping our local schools equip every child in our community with the essential skills of reading, writing and communication by the end of the third grade. We believe that district–wide success comes from the collaboration of educators, literacy organizations and a community engaged in accomplishing a shared goal. We exist to create awareness of the challenge, rally volunteers, and foster communication, collaboration, and best practices among partner organizations.

Why Literacy Matters  

Literacy proficiency at an early age is considered a cornerstone of lifelong learning and can be an indicator of long-term success and overall quality of life.

Research shows that students who are unable to read at grade level by the end of third grade are four times less likely to graduate from high school. The risk of not graduating multiplies for students who live in poverty and perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

Our Approach 

We believe that by working together, we can provide every child in our community the resources they need to become a proficient reader. We value collaboration amongst educators and literacy organizations and desire to engage the broader community to employ a collective impact model.